Day 4: Too Tired For Words…

After a great, but exceedingly verbal day, I am simply, too tired for words.

Friday nights might be my most unproductive time of the week, it’s like my  brain begins to slow down around 4:30pm and there’s no going back.

Even getting my hair cut and colored tonight was overwhelming- how would I  a. Keep my eyes open for 2 plus hours and b. Talk to my hairdresser for that long?

You can file this under things that are not real problems, but that’s where I’m at. On that note, good night all!

Until tomorrow…


9 thoughts on “Day 4: Too Tired For Words…

  1. It’s as if you have opened up every teachers’ brain on a Friday night. Friday’s are always my veg out days. Nothing gets done…not even dinner. Your writing is amazing. I love how your voice comes thru in all your work. Thank you for the gift of yourself!

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  2. Hilarious–I, too, could hardly hold my head up to write last night. I literally (and I really mean literally) fell asleep at least 5 times while writing. This morning I had to go back and correct the many typos.


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