Day 3: Procrastination to Revelation

I was working in my classroom after school today and decided that finishing my lesson plans for next week should take a backseat to deleting unwanted pictures on my phone. I only have 1,152 pictures on my camera roll, how long could that possibly take, right? The art of procrastination is one I have mastered, especially when my brain feels tired after a busy day of teaching.

As I sat comfortably in my favorite chair, I started check-marking the unwanted pictures, getting ready to mass delete all of the photos that weren’t going to make the cut.I had opened a few of them to take one last look, when I stumbled upon a picture that I had saved from Pinterest in mid-September. The picture is of a heart made out of crayons and inside the heart was the quote, “The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.”

I was brought back to mid-September, when I was just getting to know the students in my class, trying to gracefully navigate my way through some challenging moments, working patiently with each child to make connections, and help them grow through their behaviors. I remember feeling so struck by it, I had never thought of students in this way and yet, it made perfect sense; kids just want to feel connected.

I think our students are always testing us, seeing how committed we are to them, challenging us to meet their expectations, challenging us to care for their well-being, despite the way they may go about asking for it.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3: Procrastination to Revelation

  1. Truth! Did that picture get deleted or was the reminder enough to make it a keeper. I think it wasn’t necessarily procrastination that led you to that task, rather a self knowledge of what your brain could (maybe) handle at that moment. It’ll all get done, but good to take time to sort through photos too.


  2. I feel like I can’t make a good comment on this because I commented in person when I saw you earlier. I love this quote, and I think you’re the master at living it in the classroom.

    I like how you set this Slice up kind of easy breezy in the beginning and then it got kinda deep. Unexpected. I liked it.

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