Day 1: “Got Perspective?”

“Lunch With the Teacher” is widely regarded as something you should try to avoid at all costs because adult time during the school day is so precious. I can only equate this feeling to how I feel about going to the gym; initial dread, but in the end, you’re always glad you did it. Even though my internal emoji is 😩, I am, unfortunately, a huge push-over and rarely say no to my students when they inquire. Sometimes I think that they may forget about their lunch with me, until 2 minutes before the bell rings and they ask if they should stay in the classroom or if I’m going to come and get them from the lunchroom. Sigh…

I found myself in this situation today and despite seeing the excitement in my student’s eyes as he confirmed our lunch date, I still felt a little less than thrilled. I grabbed my lunch and decided that I should make the most of my extra time with my students because after all, this isn’t about me, it’s about them. I made my way to the gym to gather my lunch buddies and before I knew it, my group went from 2 to 5! With our lunches in tow, all 6 of us sat around my reading table and so began 25 minutes of simple joy and lots of laughter.

With the stress of learning targets and simplifying fractions, it’s easy to forget that our students are so much more than just what we see in an academic setting. I have to say, my biggest smiles and loudest laughs came from my lunch today with 5 smart, clever, and hilarious boys who just wanted to spend a little extra time with their teacher. Sometimes, children put things into perspective for us busy and overwhelmed adults, and for that I am grateful. This extra time is valuable and well spent; making real connections with my students has helped me be a better teacher for them and sometimes, just sometimes, talking about which fruit snacks are the best, can really turn your day around!

P.S. If you were hoping to squeeze in a lunch date with me this week, unfortunately, I have to decline; I’m all booked!😉







4 thoughts on “Day 1: “Got Perspective?”

  1. Valuable time, indeed.

    I love how honest this post is – how you admit the initial dread. I’m glad you enjoyed them for a few minutes – without the impending doom of learning targets and fractions. (great detail). Loved the title, loved the photo. Love, love, love.


  2. This is so powerful – I can imagine the confidence you instill in these boys to pursue, well, just the right lady who is important to them. Brilliant, insightful, and a WRITER, like their teacher!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I have totally been where you- a bit of dread turned around by a fun time had by all. You captured the apprehension and exuberance well! It looks like you have captured the hearts of your students well too!
    Happy slicing!


  4. What a blessing for these students, particularly these boys, to have a teacher that cares about them as people and is willing to give of his precious minutes to simply be with them. What an even greater blessing for your school to have a teacher who takes the time and a positive role model. Thanks for sharing the slice of your day.


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